Broadcast Segmentation

Sometimes your broadcast message is not relevant to your entire audience. When you're crafting a broadcast message, you can choose who you want to be the end recipients of your message.

Audience: Everyone

Broadcast to everyone

When you select this default setting, everyone who has ever messaged your bot will receive the message. The Expected Reach will reflect the total number of users that have messaged you on all deployed platforms.

Audience: Segment

Broadcast to a segment

You can also choose to specify a subset of your audience to recieve your message. Toggle the Segment option underneath the Audience header.

For every bot, we provide a few built-in filters (based off namespace variables) you can use to filter the desired segment. Click + Add Filter and select from filters on:

In addition to the built-in filters, you can add further filters on top of user variables you have set in your script.

Each additional filter you add in this Segment section is a new requirement, meaning that the users who receive this broadcast must meet all of the constraints set by the filter.
Refreshing Expected Reach

Before you send a broadcast out, make sure that the Expected Reach value in the top-right corner of the Audience section is accurate.

In order to reindex the most-up-to-date values of your user audience, make sure your bot has published all topics.

When you add a new filter, you should see a yellow refresh icon to the right of Expected Reach. Click this icon to get the latest estimate of users that will receive your message.