Managing Unsubscribes

If you're going to broadcast to your users, be sure to liberally provide opportunities for them to unsubscribe. This will not only give your users a better impression of your product, but it keeps you from paying to broadcast to uninterested recipients - a win/win!

To allow your users to unsubscribe, simply add one or more responses that include the special ^unsubscribe() shortcode. Here's some examples:

+ unsubscribe
- ^unsubscribe() Sorry to see you go!  If you want to resubscribe, just talk to us again!
+ stop (talking|messaging|pinging|slacking|texting) * me
- ^unsubscribe() Sorry about that, it won't happen again!  If you change your mind, just talk to us again!

Notice in the example above, we're telling the users that they just need to message our bot again in order to resubscribe. Every time a user messages a Dexter bot, they're automatically resubscribed to broadcasts and reminders that belonged to them.

Using ^unsubscribe() in a message will prevent all future broadcasts and reminders from reaching users. Notably, broadcasts are not deleted nor are reminders canceled when a user unsubscribes (you must use ^reminderCancel() for that.) For example, imagine your user has a reminder scheduled for Thursday, but they unsubscribe on Tuesday. The user then messages the bot again on Wednesday—this user will receive the reminder on Thursday as scheduled. If the user didn't sent the message on Wednesday, however, they wouldn't have received the reminder.