Troubleshooting FAQ

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For any questions not covered in this section, feel free to message us from live chat from within your account or email us.


My bot isn't responding with the correct response that I've written for a specific trigger.

I keep getting an error message in the phone tester.

When I use <star>, punctuation is missing and the text is lowercase. How can I capture floats/decimals?

The <star> wildcard stores the relevant phrase in a trigger that matches a given user input. This happens after the user input has been stripped of punctuation and capitalization. This is expected behavior. Consider one of the three remedies:

My deployed bot does not reflect the bot script I've written.

My shortcode isn't working as expected.

How do I add emojis to my bot script? Can I include emojis in buttons?

The bot editor should be able to handle any emojis in a response or usage of an emoji in a trigger. Just add emojis in, like you would to a normal word processor. 👍

You can add emojis in buttons! Just use emojis as button labels in the ^buttons() shortcode: ^buttons(👍, 👎)

Do I need to copy the same macro in each topic? (i.e. What is the scope of a macro?)

Macros defined in one topic can be used in all topics -- they are globally available. If you define two macros with the same name, the last one compiled (the one in the last topic) will be the final definition for the macro object.

How do I have my bot respond differently on different platforms?

Use a namespace variable for platforms _platform, combined with conditionals to route responses depending on the platform value! See the second example here under "Example Usage".

Platform-specific shortcode issues

My gif from media.giphy is not coming through on Twilio.

Known Issue (May 2017): Using gif urls from "" in the ^image() shortcode is not currently supported on Twilio. Please consider using the direct link from "" or upload the gif onto another site, if you need Twilio support for image messages with these gifs.

My media files are not coming through on Twilio.

Twilio restricts the total message size must be under 5MB. They also recommend keeping content size for each piece of media under 500KB.

You can confirm if your message has succeeded or failed in sending by visiting the Message Log of your phone number on the console for your Twilio account on the Twilio website.

My bot doesn't respond when I type in a button number.

Deploying to Platforms

My bot responds to me, but is not responding to other users after it was successfully deployed on Facebook.

For certain platforms, like Facebook, you may need to undergo an app review process before your bot is available to the public. If you want to allow additional people to message your bot before your app is approved by Facebook, you can add these users as testers.

Learn more about the Facebook app approval process in our Facebook platforms guide.

How do I get my bot to send the first message?

We don't currently support sending unsolicited messages to new users. That being said, there are strategies to prompt your bot to message your bot. * On Facebook, consider adding a "Get Started Button" to the bot. * On Slack, add a "Welcome Message" that is sent the first time a bot is added to a channel.

Platform-specific deployment troubleshooting

I've deployed, how do I message my bot?

How do I deactivate my bot on [xyz] platform?

There's two ways of doing this:


Does your platform support [xxx] language?

Our bots are currently only localized to support English, but we have seen users build bots in Romance languages with success (e.g. Spanish, French, German). There is partial support for some Rivescript concepts for logographic writing systems (i.e. Chinese hanzi, Japanese kana or kanji, Korean hangul etc.) or right-to-left alphabets (i.e. Hebrew, Arabic).

How can I (a human) respond instead of the bot?

Read more about our Command Center product or the <noreply> shortcode on the Advanced: Human Intervention page.

How do I delete a bot?

On the Advanced tab in the bot in question, there is a DELETE BOT option in the sidebar. If you type DELETE to confirm, this will permanently delete all of your bot's content, including all Topics, Broadcasts, Platform settings. You cannot undo this!

How do I delete my account?

In your Account page, you can find a DELETE ACCOUNT option, which you can follow the steps to permanently delete your account. This will permanently delete all of your account information, your chatbots, logs and all associated information and settings. You cannot undo this!

Once deleted, we will send you one last e-mail confirming that your account has been terminated.

What happens to my bot when I reach the pricing limits for my tier?

The bot will not stop responding at first, but you will be notified that you need to upgrade. You can cancel and downgrade at anytime!

What will happen to my existing apps from Dexter v1.0?

Thanks for sticking with Dexter from the beginning. Although we no longer provide active support for those features, they will still work if you are already using them. Please keep in mind, these apps will be eventually phased out. Find your existing apps in the dropdown menu of the top menu bar, under "My Legacy Apps".

Will Dexter include branding on my chatbot?

At this time, we have no plans of adding Dexter branding on top of your chatbots (i.e. on the persistent menu) to any bots -- even those on the free plan!

I am launching my business / product / service using a Dexter bot, how can I ensure quality service levels? Who can I contact about custom features I would need built for my bot?

If you're looking to launch a new venture with Dexter, we want to help your team succeed however we can. Whether you're anticipating a surge in users prior to a press release or you're curious about custom features to support your customers better, we're here to help!

Send us an email about your business/project and any way in which we can be of use.

I am a creative agency/consultancy/development shop that is looking to build custom bots for my clients with your platform.

Dexter Labs, the internal business solutions arm at Dexter, offers creative consultation, custom bot development, and high-touch management during activation for brands, businesses, and creative agencies. Let us know how we can help you craft an engaging chatbot campaign.

If you are a consultancy or development shop that would like to build on top of Dexter, email us to join the community of developers who are building on top of Dexter and get exclusive access to features in beta before they are released to the public.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get news and updates on Dexter in your feed!

I have feedback or ideas for your platform.

We love hearing from you! Email us with your feedback, ideas, or concerns or message us on Live Chat from within the platform.