Advanced: Writing for Alexa (Catch-All Mode)

"Catch-All Mode" is an experimental mode for capturing raw user input that users say to your Alexa skill and using that input to match against triggers. Simply put, when you turn this mode on, nothing will have changed from the way we currently match on triggers!

To turn this mode on, toggle this checkbox on in your Platforms page. Then, copy over the provided text into your skill's Interaction Model. Once you've deployed, your Alexa skill should be able to respond to matches on raw keywords!

+ [*] number fact [*]
- Did you ask for a number fact? Tell me a number and I'll give you a number fact.
+ [*] # [*]
$ GET<star>
- ${{__text}}. Is there another number you would like fun trivia about? ^reprompt(Is there a number you would like fun trivia about?)

What Changes?

No More Slots

When you turn Catch-All Mode on, you gain the ability to do keyword matching, but lose the ability to leverage Alexa's built-in NLP and can no longer capture Slots. (Alternatively, you may choose to implement NLP into your chatbot using a separate request to an NLP service.)

Depending on the skill you are looking to design, this trade-off may be worth it. Read more on Amazon's take on capturing the literal user input.