Facebook Messenger Addons

Messenger Properties

Messenger allows you to set specific properties on your bot to take the bot to the next level!

After you have deployed your bot, you can activate these custom features on the Deploy page for Facebook:

Get Started Button

Guide the user on how to begin a conversation with the bot by showing them how to get started.

Add a Get Started Button to your bot's welcome screen!

When the user taps this "Get Started" button, we can simulate a new conversation as if the user has messaged some text to the bot. This text is called the button payload and will hit the appropriate trigger in your bot script.

If you provide a button payload "get started", you should have a matching trigger in the bot script for "get started":

+ get started
- Welcome to my bot! I see you have tapped the Get Started Button... 
How It Looks on Facebook How It Looks on Dexter

Greeting Text

Display your bot's message on the welcome screen!

On the welcome screen, you can include Greeting Text to specify the message that new users will see for your bot the first time they interact with it.

In this greeting text, you may want to share the bot's name, describe some of its personality, or explain the bot's functionality.

Change the greeting text in "Greeting Text" on the "Custom Features" right sidebar of the Platforms Tab.

How It Looks on Facebook How It Looks on Dexter

Persistent Menu

Give your users options when it comes to your bot.

Messenger allows bots to include a Persistent Menu that surfaces functionality inside the conversation and allows users to visit external links.

To use the Persistent Menu, you must have a Get Started Button enabled.

The Persistent Menu is a set of buttons that the user can tap regardless of where they are in the conversation.

These buttons can either send a payload text back that matches against a Response Trigger or it can link to a Web Address (URL). If the button sends back a payload text, there should be a trigger in your bot script that matches this payload.

+ persistent menu click me {weight=100}
- You clicked on me! Ow.
Notes on Usage:
How It Looks on Facebook How It Looks on Dexter
The Persistent Menu looks slightly different on mobile vs. on web:

On Mobile:

On Web: