Deploy to Facebook Messenger


  1. Click the Log in with Facebook button. Dexter needs to link to your Facebook account for your bot to work.

    Deploy to Messenger

  2. Select the Facebook Page you want to deploy your bot to, or click Create New Page to make a new one.

    Deploy to Messenger

    Deploy to Messenger

  3. Toggle on Deploy and your bot is live!

    Deploy to Messenger

Custom Deploy Settings

  1. For advanced users, you can deploy your bot using your own Facebook App instead of using the Facebook App Dexter has configured. Enable the Customize Deploy Settings toggle. If you have not already, create a new App on Facebook here.

    Deploy to Messenger

  2. Once created, you will need to provide the new Facebook App ID and App Secret under Custom App Credentials. You can find these details in your App's Settings Page > Basic.

    Deploy to Messenger

  3. You will also need to provide our Redirect URI to the Facebook page. Add the Facebook Login product to your Facebook App and venture into Settings. Copy and paste the URL from the Valid OAuth Redirect URI into the Facebook Login Settings here.

    Deploy to Messenger

  4. Now, click Authenticate and Redeploy. When you toggle on Deploy, your bot is live!

  5. But you still need to do a little more work to publish the bot to the rest of the public. Learn how to do that by reading how to Configure Your Custom Facebook App.


My page doesn't appear on the list, what do I do?

When you connect Dexter to your Facebook account, Facebook gives you an opportunity to select which pages you wanted to grant Dexter access to. If you missed a page you wanted Dexter to see, or if your authorized your application before the fall of 2019, you'll need to update your list of authorized pages. To do so, follow the "Update your authorizations" link below the page chooser, click "Edit Settings" when prompted, and choose your new pages.

Update Authorizations

You're Deployed, Now What?

Now that your bot has been deployed, you can message it on Facebook. Learn more about how to make the most out of your Facebook bot in our Facebook guide.

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