Platforms: Overview & Deployment

Platforms are the places where users will interact with your bot (e.g., Facebook) and where you will need to configure settings for them to be able to talk with your script living on Dexter. Configuring and deploying to a platform is as straightforward as can be.

Simply click the "Deploy" icon in the nav bar () and then select a platform you want to deploy to, say, Facebook Messenger:

Platforms list

Next, follow the instructions to deploy your bot in your platform's Deployment Guides to make them usable.

Platform Deployment Guides

Undeploying Platforms

If you no longer want your bot to be usable, simply untoggle the "Deploy" button on that platform's page. Once you do so, your bot will no longer respond to messages it receives.

Undeploying a bot does not mean the bot no longer exists on the platform. For example, your Facebook Page and Twilio numbers will still be active. They will simply stop responding to incoming messages via Dexter.

If you want to remove these, you need to do so directly on the platform and not on Dexter.

More Questions?

These individual guides give an overview of the platform, a glossary of terms, and more details on how to troubleshoot.