Slack Addons

Slack Bot Properties

We offer a few unique features to take your Slack bot to the next level!

After you have deployed your bot, you can activate these custom features on the Deploy page for Slack:

Welcome Message

Make your bot's presence known each time it enters a Slack channel.

Turn this feature on whenever you want your bot to send a Welcome Message each time it is in invited to a channel.

This is useful for sharing with the users of a channel what to expect when interacting with the bot... Perhaps you want to introduce the bot's name, or what the bot does, or some Slack slash commands the bot enables Slack team members to do.

How It Looks on Slack How It Looks on Dexter

Keyword Notifications

Have your bot eavesdrop on the channel.

The current default behavior for Slack bots made on Dexter is that they will only respond when spoken to (either in a DM or through an @mention).

Alternatively, you can enable "Keyword Notifications" that allow the bot to send a response whenever a specific keyword is spoken in a channel that the bot is invited to. This mimics the behavior of how one would create a notification on keywords for the default @slackbot of every Slack team.

The keywords are not case-sensitive, so coffee, Coffee, and COFFEE will create the same notification.
How It Looks on Slack How It Looks on Dexter