Web Customization

Updating Embed

We offer a few unique features to enable your Website Embed to match your site's needs.

After you have deployed your bot, you can activate these custom features on the Deploy page for Web:

Welcome Message

Greet visitors each time they open the dialogue.

Turn this feature on whenever you want your bot to send a Welcome Message each time a user loads your page. Write a message you want the bot to relay back to the user.

Welcome Message

Note that you can also script your bot right from your webpage in order to truly customize the welcome experience. For example, if you configure your embed like so:

var hasOpened = false;
window.dexterSettings = {
  onOpen: function (api) {
    if (hasOpened) {
    } else {
    hasOpened = true;

...and you have a bot that looks like this:

+ *
- Welcome to a Dexter dev bot!
+ user-first-open
- Thanks for looking!  What can we do for you today?
+ user-additional-open
- Welcome back! What can we help you with this time?

...you can make your bot do this:

Welcome Twice

Enable Auto Open

Pop the web embed open each time a user visits.

By toggling this feature on, your embed will automatically open when the user loads the page.