Command Center - Zendesk Guide

You should consider moving your Command Center from Slack to Zendesk if your use case is a little more customer service oriented or if you have many users and managing everything in Slack becomes unwieldy.

As of today, only Facebook bots will work with Zendesk.


In this setup guide, we will show how to configure an experience that pauses a bot's scripted dialogue and creates a new ticket inside of Zendesk whenever a bot user says "talk to a human." When an agent in Zendesk closes this ticket, the bot will say "Hey it's me, the bot again!" and resume automatic responses.

1. Sign Up for Zendesk Message

Sign up for a Zendesk Chat account. Once you have a Chat account, navigate to Zendesk's new Message interface.

Go through Zendesk Message's onboarding flow to add your bot's Facebook page to Zendesk. At this point, you should actually begin to see all messages to your bot come through Zendesk Message! Each new user chatting with your bot will be created as a new ticket.

2. Set Up the Bot Handover Protocol

In Zendesk Message, go to Facebook Settings and select your Facebook page. Select "Integrations" at the top of this settings page. Once you enable the Chat bot handover, you ought to see two fields to fill in. Here's our sample:

Zendesk Integrations page

In Receive from bot, enter a phrase that the bot will say to initiate the creation of a new ticket inside of Zendesk. This phrase should always be something in your dialogue script that your bot says!

In Transfer to bot, click the "Mark the conversation as done" checkbox. This enables you bot to send a message automatically after marking a conversation as "Done" in Zendesk. In the box, enter the message you want to send once a conversation has been marked as Done.

3. Set Up Dexter: Turn on Zendesk Message

Navigate back to the Command Center configuration settings for your bot and toggle it on if you haven't already. Then toggle the Activate Zendesk Message option, which will stop any Facebook messages from being sent to Slack and enable the Zendesk integration to work.

4. Set Up Dexter: Copy the Receive From Bot Phrase

Copy the the Receive from bot phrase that you configured in Zendesk into the corresponding field in Dexter.

Receive from bot

Ensure that your bot actually says this phrase and find that piece of dialogue in the Dexter editor. At this point in the conversation, you should add a topic redirect to a special __zen_message topic. Once your bot is in this topic, it will stop responding to messages normally.

+ talk to a human
- Letting my humans take over! {topic=__zen_message}
5. Set Up Dexter: Copy the Transfer To Bot Phrase

Copy the the Transfer to bot phrase that you configured in Zendesk into the corresponding field in Dexter.

Transfer to bot

6. Set Up Dexter: Configure the Return Topic (Optional)

After an agent in Zendesk marks a conversation as Done, that user will automatically be sent back to the default topic. Configure this if you want to transfer them to a different topic.