Integrations in Dexter allow bot creators to send your bot's conversation data to other services for analysis and tracking. To configure them, simply open up a bot and go to the Advanced tab. After the few simple steps below, there's no additional action needed before being able to view your bot's messages!


You can log messages to Mixpanel to track your bot's usage and users over time. To do so:

  1. Log onto your account on Mixpanel
  2. Create a new project for your bot (optional)
  3. Go to your account settings (top right of page)
  4. Click "Projects"
  5. Find your project and copy the Token. Paste this into your bot's Advanced screen


Dashbot allows you to view and analyze advanced information about your bots: everything from top messages received to drop-off points in engagement.

Dashbot is best used when logging a bot deployed to a single platform.

We only support the following platforms on Dashbot: Facebook, Amazon Alexa, SMS, and Universal.For all other platforms not listed here, please select Universal when choosing your Dashbot platform.
  1. Create a Dashbot account and a new Bot on Dashbot for the platform your bot is deployed on.
  2. Copy the API key from Dashbot into your bot's Advanced screen


Chatbase is another bot analytics option by Google, allowing bot builders the ability to understand what works to increase customer conversions, improve the bot’s accuracy, and create a better user experience.

There is a noticeable lag time before sent and received messages are visible on Chatbase.
  1. Create a Chatbase account, go to My Bots, and Add a Bot on Chatbase
  2. After entering a name for your bot and choosing a country, copy Your API Key from Chatbase into your bot's Integrations screen under Chatbase

To get started and play around, it should be as easy as plopping in an API key into the Advanced config of your bot. Please note that in our experience, it may take a few hours for your actual messages to be reflected on Chatbase.

For certain platforms, like Alexa, we send Chatbase the current topic of the user at the time the message is sent.

Intents for Bot Analytics

Intents can be set for each message and sent as attributes to Dashbot and Chatbase. By default, the intent is set to a combination of the user's current topic + the trigger they just hit.

We have special shortcodes that allow you to send custom intents:

Setting Intents

Here's an example of these shortcodes in action:

+ work on car
- ^intentSet('car') You go to your garage and get your mechanics tools
+ work on bookcase
- ^intentSet('bookcase') You go to your workshop and get your woodworking tools
+ do work
- After a good hour of work on your <get _intent>, you feel like you've made some progress
+ done
- ^intentClear() You put your tools away for the day.
+ *
- ^unhandledCapture() You're not quite sure how to do that.  Would you prefer to [do work] instead?