Dexter Relay Setup Settings

Make Dexter Relay work for your Slack team by changing these custom configurations:

A) Auto Send

By default, simply typing something into a Command Center channel inside of Slack will not do anything. This means that you're able to talk with your colleagues about your bot's user without sending them an actual message. However, if this isn't useful for you and you want to simply automatically send all messages sent in the channel without using /dex-say, you can turn on the Auto-Send option.

B) Auto Create Channels

Conversations that users have with the bot can be routed to your Slack team in two ways:

C) Default Invitees

Specify the Slack @usernames of people that you want to invite to every user channel created.

D) Channel Name Format

All Slack channels the Command Center creates starts with a d- prefix. (For example, the Command Center will create a channel called #d-lebron-james for when Lebron James gets in touch with you.) You can change this prefix under your Slack Command Center settings.

E) Username Format

Users will be referred to in Relay by the value given in this field.

D) Info Fields

Sometimes you might want to find out more about a user—perhaps to see what topic they are in, or to see any data associated with them. Profile data from each user is available when a new conversation is shown on Relay (in the master channel or when accessed in More User Info in a user channel).

F) Return Topic (Advanced)

When a user messages the bot and an agent takes over, the user is redirected to the dex-human-bypass topic. When the conversation between an agent and a user ends, we would like the bot to continue the conversation by redirecting the user back to a topic where the bot takes over.