Capturing User Emails


Use Dexter User Variables with Topic-specific Punctuation to capture your bot user’s email with a simple confirmation conversation flow.


# punctopic nostrip
+ get email
- What’s your email address?
+ *
- Your email is: "<star>" – is that right? <set email=<star>>
+ yes
- Perfect, your email is set to <get email>.
+ no
- Okay, try again. Like this: <set email>


If a user's email has not been captured for you in the _userEmail namespace variable, you may want to prompt the user for their email in a conversation flow.

To do so, you’ll want to create a specific topic and transition your bot user to the topic for this snippet—because everything your bot user says in this topic will be captured with punctuation.

The script uses a basic confirmation flow to confirm that your bot user entered in their email correctly. This is best practice for user experience, and to make sure you have their correct email.

Learn how to parse captured emails in Slack in our Capturing Slack Emails snippet.