Snippets Directory

Snippets are short, copy-and-pasteable chunks of bot script for you to add to your bot script.

These are for intermediate to advanced users only. If you’re just getting started, check out our Quick Start guide.

Snippet Core Concepts
Saving Message Content Use Namespace Variable to save a User Variable with the exact message a user says, including punctuation and capitalization.
Capturing User Emails Use Dexter User Variables with Topic-specific Punctuation to capture your bot user’s email with a simple confirmation conversation flow.
Capturing Slack Emails
Slack gives us a link to an email address when someone replies with an email, so we can use a little Javascript Macro magic to strip away the extra content.
Sending Emails Use Dexter’s HTTP Post Request combined with SendGrid’s API to easily send email to your bot users.
Sending Timely Reminders Use for NLP, Moment.js in Javascript Macros, and Dexter’s Reminder Shortcode to let your users set custom times for reminders.
Customer Service Routing Use IVR-style buttons to gather information about your customers' incoming support requests.
Using Airtable with Dexter Use an HTTP GET request to read data from an Airtable base.
Prompting the Website Embed Learn how to open website embed on button clicks.
Handling Common Mispellings Learn how to help catch misspellings and alternates of words without having to clutter your script.