Dexter Errors

As your bot grows more advanced and complicated, there may be times when you think your bot knows how to do something, but it really doesn't. In these cases, errors are generated. These messages will be shown to your users, so be sure to thoroughly test your bot to avoid these!

The following table describes possible Dexter errors and what they mean.

Error What it means
[Dexter Error] This bot couldn't figure out how to respond. There was no matching trigger and the bot doesn't know what to do.
[Dexter Error] This bot doesn't have a response for that. There was a matching trigger, but there was no valid associated response.
[Dexter Error] Response too complicated; recursion detected. Your response is self-referential and couldn't finish building itself.
[Dexter Error] This bot doesn't know what to do with this You attempted to use a JavaScript macro that does not exist.
[Dexter Error: unknown feature] You attempted to use a shortcode that does not exist.