Dexter Errors

As your bot grows more advanced and complicated, there may be times when you think your bot knows how to do something, but it really doesn't. In these cases, errors are generated. These messages will be shown to your users, so be sure to thoroughly test your bot to avoid these!

The following table describes possible Dexter errors and what they mean.

Error Type What it means and How to fix
[RIVE_ERROR: Reply Not Matched] There was no matching trigger and the bot doesn't know what to do.
[RIVE_ERROR: Reply Not Found ] There was a matching trigger, but there was no valid associated response.
[RIVE_ERROR: Deep Recursion] Your response is self-referential and couldn't finish building itself.
[RIVE_ERROR: Object Not Found] You attempted to use a JavaScript macro that does not exist.
[UNHANDLED_PLATFORM: SHORTCODE_NAME not valid on PLATFORM] You attempted to use a shortcode that does not work on this platform.
[SHORTCODE_ERROR: Unrecognized feature: SHORTCODE_NAME] You attempted to use a shortcode that does not exist.
[SHORTCODE_ERROR: ERROR_MESSAGE] You misused a shortcode with invalid parameters and/or shortcode action could not be performed. See provided error message on proper usage of shortcode.
[REQ_FORMAT_ERROR: Invalid $ command] You provided an invalid HTTP request method. Supported methods are GET, POST, UPDATE, PATCH, and DELETE.
[REQ_FORMAT_ERROR: Invalid $ request body] You provided an invalid HTTP request body. Verify that the provided body is valid JSON.
[REQ_RESPONSE_ERROR: ERROR_MESSAGE] The $ request has timed out or returned with an error.
[PLATFORM_ERROR: ERROR_MESSAGE] The platform was unable to process the provided message and has returned an error. Confirm that the provided message content meets platform guidelines (e.g. image size, character limits)
[JSEXTRACTOR_ERROR: ERROR_MESSAGE] Dexter has noticed an error in the script while compiling. Confirm that provided JSON objects are valid and shortcodes are properly formatted.

Hide Errors Mode

By default, Dexter will append any encountered errors to the message and send it with the bot's message to the user for all platforms except for Alexa.

While testing on the phone tester, an info message will appear underneath the message in the tester. Additionally, errors can be found in the Logs when a message has been sent.

To turn off errors from appearing on deployed platforms, head to Advanced > Error Settings and toggle on the Hide Errors Mode.

Hide Errors Mode