Editing Users

After launching their bots, good bot creators iterate on their conversation design and make changes to their dialogue scripts based on observing what their users do and gathering other forms of user feedback. This often means looking at a bot's logs or its user dashboard see where users get stuck or are confused by your bot's dialogue.

However, there are scenarios where reacting by changing your dialogue script isn't enough and you need to manipulate a specific user—either to guide them back onto the right path or modifying some other attribute about them. In this guide, we walk through two specific scenarios around this: forcing a user into a different topic and changing user variables.

Let's Change the Topic...

Imagine you've implemented the customer service bot as described in our other walkthrough. Everything is going smoothly, until after peeking at your logs, you realize that one of your users is getting frustrated and just wants to talk with a human. Unfortunately, this user hasn't noticed the button that says "Talk to a Human" as part of your response and is stuck in a loop:

Stuck in a topic

Certainly one way to mitigate this problem would be to add new triggers that capture what the user is saying. However, you can also put this user directly into the "human" topic. Find this person in your user dashboard and double click their Topic. Instead of being in default, change it to "human."

Changing a topic

Once in the "human" topic—assuming yours is implemented the same way as in our walkthrough—the bot will stop responding in an endless loop. You can now safely take over the conversation at your leisure, either through Dexter's Relay or other means.

Change You Can Count On: Variables

However, your power to change things does not stop with topics! You can also change any user variable that you've previously set for a user.

Suppose you have an internal Slack bot that answers commonly asked company questions and gives different answers depending on what department you are in. Using conditionals, answering a question like where to find product mocks is easy:

+ [*] mocks [*]
* <get team> == Marketing => You can find the final product images inside our wiki
* <get team> == Engineering => Pixel-perfect mocks at different resolutions should be found on the task
* <get team> == Design => You'll find the latest working PSDs inside of our shared Dropbox
- Are you even on a team? Please ask a designer for help!

However, what happens when an employee changes teams from Design to Engineering? You can change their team user variable just as easily as you changed topics before. First, ensure that you are showing this variable in your user dashboard by selecting it:

Selecting a user variable

After you see it in the dash, simply double-click it and change its value as you would the topic:

Changing a user variable

If only becoming an engineer were as easy as swapping user variables! As you experiment and begin to react to your users' needs, please don't hesitate to contact our engineers as you're building your bots. We're available for help.