Any topics that you write won't be usable or accessible to the general public or on platforms before you publish it. Publishing a topic is easy: simply hit the big green button for a topic.

You can choose to publish the Current Topic only or All Topics at once.

After publishing a topic, any changes you make in the editor won't affect the published version. Feel free to edit and test in Dexter as much as you want—your users will still be interacting with the latest-published version of the script. This means that it is important to remember to publish when you are ready! Topics that have unpublished changes will be denoted with a icon.

Your publish button will be grayed-out if there are no new changes in the current visible topic.

Your deployed bot on the platform (Facebook, SMS, etc.) will reflect the last-published content for each topic. Make sure to publish all your changes before testing your bot on the deployed platforms!

Creating and renaming a topic