Testing that your bot works correctly is almost as important and writing your dialogue scripts. The tester allows you to simulate an interaction with your bot as if it were on a generic platform:

The tester in action

Test User

Your bot will talk with you via the tester as if it were just any other user. You belong to a topic, and directions such as <set> or <get> will be saved onto your test user and not affect any users on bots you've deployed.

The test user will be in the same topic, even after you have made changes to your script or published.

Messages In The Tester

The tester will display messages most similarly to SMS, but obviously something like a ^buttons() shortcode will look differently on different platforms. Dexter warns you when this is the case.

Modes of Testing

There are three different modes to use the tester. As your bot dialogue script grows more complex, you may find each of these modes useful:

Reset your topic back to "default" at any point by hitting Reset.