Delaying Responses

If you want your bot to feel a little more "human-like" in its responses to your users, you can add a small delay between the time your bot received a message and when it responds. Use the <delay> direction to do this and specify the number of seconds you want to delay, up to 120. Place the direction immediately before the response that you want to add a delay to:

+ hello
- <delay seconds=50> Oh... hey there! Sorry it took me a bit to respond, I'm totally a human.

<delay> also doubles as a <send> direction if you include it in the middle of a response. For instance this script:

+ knock knock
- Stop that banging! <delay seconds=3> ... but ok, who's there?

Will behave like:

Delay example

Make sure you have spaces around your <delay> direction. Hey there!<delay seconds=3>How are you? will not work.
Delaying messages via <delay> is meant for small delays that add a bit of human-like flourish to your bot's responses. It is NOT meant to be used for wholesale message scheduling, which is better suited for Broadcasts.

Mixing Delays With Non-Delays

The <delay> simply tells your bot to delay that response and has no effect on other responses. If a user sends a new messages that triggers a non-delayed response, that response will be sent before the delayed response. To illustrate, consider this script:

+ delay
- <delay seconds=3> I'm delayed
+ no delay
- I'm instantaneous

Which behaves like this:

Delay example 2