Not Responding

There are times when you want your bot to actually not respond to something a user said. Common reasons might be that your user has reached the end of a conversation, they want to unsubscribe, or if they said something you want to ignore (e.g., swear words). Use the no reply direction to do this:

+ i hate you
- <noreply>

If you want to be able to respect your user's unsubscribe wishes, you might design a bot with this trigger/response in your default topic:

+ [*] unsubscribe [*]
- Sorry to see you go! You won't receive any more messages from us. Say "start" to start again! {topic=unsubscribed}

And within your unsubscribed topic:

> topic unsubscribed
+ start
- Welcome back! {topic=default}
+ *
- <noreply>