Shortcode: ^alexaEndSession()

Manage your Alexa sessions from within your bot script.


Parameter Sample Value Description
boolean true Required.Boolean value for whether a session should remain open or closed (Defaults to false.)

Example Usage

+ amazonstopintent
- Goodbye! Until next time! ^alexaEndSession(true)


By default, Dexter leaves the Alexa session open. This means that after the bot responds to the user with your provided response, it will wait for the user to say something else. (Your Alexa device will remain open with a blue light indicating that it is still listening.)

This shortcode is to be used when you want your Alexa device to stop listening for incoming user input after the bot responds.

Amazon has strong [session management restrictions]( in place for all skills during the skill publishing approval process. Make sure you close sessions when expected (i.e. when your user wants to close the skill) before you submit your skill for approval.