Shortcode: ^alexaReprompt()

Send a follow-up message to your user if they do not respond to your skill's last statement.


Parameter Sample Value Description
text "Would you like another fact?" Required.Follow-up response you would like your skill to say if the user has not yet responded.

Example Usage

+ randomnumbertrivia
- 1000 is the number of elephants it took to bring in the material to build the Taj Mahal from various parts of India. Would you like another "random" number fact? Say "random" again if you do! ^alexaReprompt(Say "random" again if you want another random number fact.)


After your initial response, if you choose to leave the session open, the user must respond with more input that matches another intent.

If they do not, the skill will send back a SessionEndedRequest. If you use this shortcode, you can nudge the user to respond once more with the provided message. The user will then have 8 seconds to respond before the SessionEndedRequest is sent.

Amazon has strong [reprompt guidelines]( in place for all skills during the skill publishing approval process. Make sure you include appropriately placed reprompts before you submit your skill for approval.