Shortcode: ^audio()

Add an audio file to your response.


Parameter Sample Value Description
url Required. A URL to the audio file you want your bot to respond with. Surround with double quotes.

Example Usage

+ [*] theme song [*]
- Listen to our hit theme song! ^audio("")


Ensure that the URL you are using is actually a URL to an audio file (with a valid extension) and not a website that contains an audio file.

How It Looks

Platform Notes How It Looks
  • Facebook opens the audio file in a native audio player.
  • Slack does not natively unfurl audio files. We append the audio url as a link.
  • Twilio only supports sending over a limited number of MIME types for audio. See the full list.
  • If a requested MIME type is not supported, we recommend sending the audio url within a ^link() shortcode instead.
  • Our web widget now supports audio files.