Shortcode: ^getRSSFeed()

Fetches data from an RSS feed.

Returns the title and URL for a specific number of items from the RSS feed. If no errorMessage is specified, this shortcode does not modify the bot's message except on an error.

^getRSSFeed(url, [numItems, itemOrder, errorMessage])

Sample Value Description
url "" Required. The URL of a valid RSS feed
numItems 1 Optional. Number of RSS items you want to appear in the final message. Defaults to 1
itemOrder "asc", "desc", "random" Optional. Replaces the entirety of the httpPost(...) shortcode if the request is successful.
errorMessage "There was an error processing your RSS URL." Optional. If the request times out, receives a non-200, or otherwise fails, show this message to the user.

Example Usage

+ [*] news [*]
- Here are the latest news stories: ^getRSSFeed("", 5, "desc")