Shortcode: ^image()

Add an image or animated GIF to your response.


Parameter Sample Value Description
url Required. A URL to the image you want your bot to respond with. Surround with double quotes.

Example Usage

+ make me laugh
- Hope this image cheers you up! ^image("")


Ensure that the URL you are using is actually a URL to an image and not a website that contains an image.

Common examples of incorrect URLs might be Google Image search result URLs or pages that host images but are not of the raw image itself (e.g., double check this with Dropbox or GIPHY).

The URL should not be bounded by angle brackets (< or >).

How It Looks

Platform Notes How It Looks
  • Images are sent before text
  • Facebook does not support images larger than 25MB
  • Inserts an image URL at the end of your message
  • Images are sent separately from text
  • Images are sent separately from text
  • Learn more about Twitter integrations