Shortcode: ^reminderCancel(name)

Deactive a queued reminder. (You can set a reminder using the ^reminder() shortcode.)

Parameter Sample Value Description
name wakeup_call Required. A unique snake_case name for the specific reminder you'd like to cancel.

Example Usage

> object getTime javascript
return moment().add(Number(args[0]), 'minutes').valueOf();
< object
+ wake me up in * minutes
- ^reminder(wakeup_call, "Hi, , it's time to wake up!", getTime ) OK!
+ im already awake
- ^reminderCancel(wakeup_call) OK, we've cancelled that reminder for you.


Nothing bad happens if you cancel a reminder that doesn't exist. If you want to verify that there is a reminder on queue, you can <get _reminder_{reminder_name}> to get it's scheduled time. It'll be empty if there's no reminder or if it's already been sent.